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A 'Sugarcane plantation' will be built in Campo das Cebolas.

"Plantation - Prosperity and Nightmare" , by Angolan artist Kiluanji Kia Henda, was the winning proposal, of the three projects that were in the vote.
The project consists of distributing 540 feet of sugar cane in black aluminum, each 3 meters high and 8 centimeters in diameter.

The 'plantation' has a regular organization, with the cane 1.5 meters apart, in an orthogonal mesh. In the wider area of the 'plantation', a semi-circular concrete seat is proposed, creating a meeting point that is both public and intimate.

This is expected to be a point of sociability for the most varied cultural manifestations, from music to small street shows, from academic dialogues to theatrical readings.

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It is a project proposed by Djass - Associação de Afrodescendentes to the 2017/2018 edition of the Participatory Budget of Lisbon, having been one of the winning projects .

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