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OP Escolar LX promotes sustainable projects.
A pilot project dedicated to the Environment, which allowed more than 2000 students to choose the sustainable projects they want to see implemented in their school.
The basic schools, Quinta de Marrocos, Marvila, Eugénio dos Santos and Luís de Camões, took part, places where an exhibition about the various Kits being voted was shown; renewable energy kit, water reuse kit, Waste Kit, Educate for Sustainability Kit, Mobility Kit and Nature and Biodiversity Kit.

The   Kits / projects   most voted were:
  • Energy Efficiency Kit, at EB23 Luís de Camões.
  • Water efficiency kit at EB 23 Quinta de Marrocos.
  • kit Water reuse at EB23 Eugénio dos Santos.
  • Waste Reduction Kit at EB23 Marvila.

The projects will be implemented during the current school year.

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Choose to evolve, Participate!

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