Participation Rules

LisBoaideia is a new online participation device of a consultative nature created by the City Council of Lisbon. It is meant to be operational throughout the year.

  • All citizens of all nationalities can participate, the only condition being to be registered with the following website :
  • All citizens can submit ideas, comment and support debated ideas using “like” and “dislike” buttons
  • Any submitted idea must be explained by a brief descriptive text (max 1500 characters) possibly illustrated by photos or videos.
  • Any submitted idea has to fit in one of the following 13 thematic areas;
    • Culture;
    • Education;
    • Sports;
    • Social Rights (childhood, youth, elderly people, equality, handicapped people);
    • Green Structures, Environment and Energy;
    • Housing and Local Development;
    • Road Infrastructures, Mobility and Transports;
    • Administrative Modernization;
    • Urban Regeneration and Public Areas;
    • Urban Hygiene ; Security and Civil Protection;
    • Tourism, Economy and Innovation;
    • Lifelong Learning.
  • The amount of money required to implement the idea cannot exceed 50.000€
  • All submitted ideas will be analyzed internally and will be published provided they comply with the following criteria :
    • To stick within the competence of the City Council of Lisbon
    • Do not contain offensive language
    • Do not aim at destroying or substituting an ongoing project or an existing functional device of the City Council of Lisbon
    • Do not contain claims, suggestions or opinions about ongoing decisions
  • The idea will be accessible online and open for debate and comments for 60 days
  • After these 60 days, the ideas which scores (balance between likes and dislikes) will be superior or equal to 100 will be submitted to a technical assessment of viability. The decision will be communicated to the tenderer afterwards.
    • In order to optimize your chances of reaching the score of 100 likes (minimum score required for your idea to get to the stage of technical assessment) we suggest you to promote and publicize it using various communication channels.
    • Considering the consultative nature of the device, final decisions rest with the city councilor of the concerned department.

Considering that Lisboaideia is currently a pilot program of the City Council of Lisbon, the rules of participation may be revised during the initial phase when justified.

All submitted ideas will remain in the possession of the City Council of Lisboa.