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We want to provide citizens with the opportunity to contribute to the governance of the city. Through online or presential participation, all citizens can express their opinion. In this area you will find information about various programs and initiatives for participation promoted by the City Council or Lisbon or in partnership with other entities. We make available all the information needed for citizens to express a free and informed opinion, providing various and efficient means of doing so such as public consultations. Good decisions result from a debate of ideas. Get involved, don’t let others decide for you.

Municipal Assembly
The Municipal Assembly is the deliberative organ of the City Council. It monitors and supervises the work of the City Council. During each sitting the Municipal Assembly reviews the information delivered by the president of the City Council about ongoing activities and financial condition.

Link to the website of the Municipal Assembly of Lisbon

City Council Meetings

You can here view or download all files in relation with both current and archived work orders and draft minutes. Registrations for interventions of the public during council meetings shall be done on the Thursday preceding the meeting between 9:30 am and 12:00, at the Paços do Concelho building. Alternatively, registrations can be done by e-mail at the following address before 15:00 pm on the Thursday preceding the meeting. Three seats will then be reserved.

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Local Meetings

In order to listen closer to what citizens have to say about where they live, the City Council holds public local meetings every month.

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Municipal Councils

Municipal Councils have an important role to play as consultative structures of the City Council, integrating various associations, representatives from communities and representative organizations, promoting active participation within the civic life of the city. In this way, Municipal Councils contribute to the sustainability of a close social and cultural dialogue, using for instance online platforms for citizenship.

  • Municipal Council for Interculturality and Citizenship - CMIC
  • Municipal Council for Equality - CMI – still in progress
  • Municipal Council for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities - CMIPD
  • Municipal Council for Youth
  • Municipal Council for Sports
  • Municipal Council for Education
  • Municipal Council for Housing


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Uma praça em cada bairro

Integrated in the concept of Lisboa Cidade de Bairros, the “Uma Praça em cada Bairro – public space interventions” program was adopted during a City Council meeting on May 28th 2014 and constitutes one of the priorities of the term of office 2013/2017. It is promoted by the City Council of Lisbon together with the 24 juntas de freguesias (aggregated parish councils) of Lisbon. The interventions promoted by this program punctuated by various phases of public participation result from the people’s contribution.

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Bip Zip Program

Created by the City Council of Lisbon within the framework of the Local Housing Program (PLH), the BIP ZIP program is a municipal policy which aims at fostering partnerships and small local interventions that improve targeted “habitats”. For this purpose, the program funds actions carried out by juntas de freguesias, local associations, collectivities and NGOs which strengthen the socio-territorial cohesion of the city. The ambitions of this program are :

  • To stimulate active citizenship and the empowerment of local communities;
  • To improve the image of disadvantaged areas in order to enable a smooth integration in the city without discrimination in the access to facilities and services, which is every citizen’s right;
  • To create a favourable climate for entrepreneurship and local initiatives.;


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